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The Karuk Community Loan Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) California Corporation. In 2009, KCLF achieved recognition by the U.S. Treasury as a Certified Native CDFI (Community Development Financial Institution).

MISSION: Providing support through loans that empower our underserved public.

Located in beautiful Northern California! Cade Mountain View

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Karuk Community Loan Fund serves native and non-native people across Siskiyou County.

For every borrower, we are dedicated to developing clear financial understanding while improving his / her ability to reach their credit goals. KCLF does report to credit bureaus; and all of our programs include counseling with a review of the borrower's credit report.

By paying your debts on time, your credit report and score will improve. Higher credit scores increase the likelihood of better rates on items that you buy on credit and, even on insurance quotes. Landlords and employers often require a credit report and make a decision based on that very report. It is very important to be aware of your credit profile and be sure that your financial obligations are paid on time.

Complete details of the loan products we offer may be found on our Loan Products page on this website.

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Happy Camp at 530-493-2558.
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Give Yourself a Break - the KARUK COMMUNITY LOAN FUND is here to help!

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