KCLF is Pleased to Offer These Loan Products...

Home Improvement Loans: For those who use their home as the primary residence, loan may be used for repairs or improvements to address health and safety issues and certain other improvements that are within reasonable costs for the value of the home.

Home Purchase Loans: For qualified stick-built and mobile homes with the land included. Fees for escrow, insurance and taxes are automatically paid as part of the loan condition.

Welcome to the Heart of the KIamath Kayaks at Indian Creek

Business Loans: For those wishing to start or expand an eligible business located within Siskiyou County. Applicant must have a business plan and financial statements that demonstrate the viability and profitability of the business. KCLF will work with the prospective business owner to define business objectives, can assist with creating a business plan, and may refer the applicant to business training programs.

Debt Consolidation Loans: For individuals and families wishing to un-trap themselves by paying off credit cards and other high-interest debts with one loan. Certain conditions apply.

Ferry Point
Photos by Wendy Buchanan

Emergency Loan Program: This 6-month program is for employed individuals to help overcome an immediate situation with a loan amount up to $1,000. Guidelines include current employment with the same employer for over one year and the employer agreeing to payroll deductions from the employee for repayment of the loan. Other guidelines may be used.

Loan Applications & Guidelines

Give Yourself a Break - the KARUK COMMUNITY LOAN FUND is here to help!

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